Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Book 17/60: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation, by Joseph Ellis

Non-fiction alert!

Ooh, Pulitzer-winning non-fiction alert!

I am sad to admit that this is the second time I've checked this book out of the library. The first time, I didn't get through it, despite re-checking it. Twice.

It's a really good book. I enjoy reading it. It's just not a fast read, and I haven't developed the ability to read slow-readers quickly. I've also been slacking in the reading discipline lately, for various reasons. The book is about the most famous of our nation's founding fathers: Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Hamilton, and Adams. Specifically, it looks at six of the moments that really defined what this new experiment in republican government was going to look like for the next hundred-or-so years.

I like history, and Ellis does a fantastic job of giving you the story of these conflicts and not merely the information. As I mentioned earlier, the book won a Pulitzer for non-fiction (2001), and the History Channel did a special based on it, so clearly this is quality writing.

I just sincerely hope I can get through the not-even-three-hundred pages before I have to turn it in again! How embarrassing!

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