Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday Update: "Ilya Kovulchuk is actually signing somewhere" update

Have been reading a couple of books, but I had to lay down the fantastic Baseball Codes because I have one ILL book due today and another (Frank Peretti's Prohpet) due Wednesday. But I thought I ought to drop by and give a brief reflection on Peter De Vries' Wistrix Donn.

Book #40 of 80
Wistrix Donn
by Peter De Vries
# of pages: 371
Total pages: 12,639
Avg pages/book: 315.975 (+.415)

Don't read Wistrix Donn by Peter De Vries.


  1. There's a character in Dune named Piter De Vries. This character is evil. Connection?

  2. Sorry you didn't like it. I just knew the author so I thought I would recommend it. That's what you do when you know people who write...