Saturday, February 20, 2010

Book 20/63: White Oleander by Janet Finch

Another "walked into the library, didn't want to leave with just a comic book" selection. This on a friend's recommendation, though, so hopefully it turns out better than Evil: A Primer did.

Plus, I was browsing the shelf looking for something good to read, and one of the comments on the back of the cover opens with, "This is what you're after when you're browsing the shelves for something good to read." Can't get much clearer than that.

According to the inside sleeve of the book, it's "Tough, irrepressible, funny, and warm," but the friend who recommended it said she didn't remember it being funny. "White Oleander is an unforgettable story of mothers and daughters, burgeoning sexuality, the redemptive powers of art, and the unstoppable force of the emergent self."

So, it's Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.

I kid.

Noteworthy: this book was an Oprah Book Club selection in 1999 and a movie in 2002. For what it's worth, my one foray into Oprah's book club has turned out pretty well, so that's encouraging. Also: the movie had Rene Zellweger in it.

Initial thoughts: This will be a girly book, but a good girly book. ;-)

Honestly, though, look back on the nineteen books I've read, only five have been written by women. Olympos was unabashedly masculine, so this'll be a fresh perspective on the world.

Published by Little, Brown, and Company, 1999
390 pages
Oprah Book Club (1999)

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